7 Day Naturopathic Detox - SELF SERVE

The 7 Day Naturopathic Detox Program is a proven patient-tested food-based cleanse that has now changed the health of hundreds of people. You will learn how to reduce and remove inflammation producing foods from your diet, how to support your body in it's healing process through the week, how to improve your digestion, your sleep, your energy and boost your immune system... and all the while nourishing  your cells and tissues with the nutrition you need to truly create health and vitality in your body.

The program is available for registration now and includes:

  • Immediate access to course materials and a week of emails to help you follow along during that first week.
  • 5 short video lessons from Dr. Laura.
  • Your downloadable Detox Workbook with checklists and instructions for the week.
  • Example meal plans, grocery lists, and recipes to get you started quickly and easily. Note you will have to customize your own meal plan for this detox.
  • Access to the program as it grows and develops for 1 year from your initial purchase date.
  • ... and a few surprises for me too. ;)





7 Day Naturopathic Detox Program - SELF SERVE

This program will teach you how to do a food-only health detox from home in 7 days. Start anytime.

$50.00 CAD



Are you a "Natural Newbie" but ready to embrace a wellness lifestyle?

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